serving God and the people of Taree, Chatham, Cundletown, and Old Bar

Social Justice


Social Justice is a critical and practical outworking of the Gospel. If our faith does not inform our actions it is only academic. The challenge is that some of the outworking  has a political action, and we don't always see it as a single answer, however our faith compels us prayerfully to act. From time to time here you will find new stories keeping you up to date with what we have been doing in this area.


The core restraint in this area is that we always ensure, and be prepared to ask ourselves the question every now and again, that our faith is informing our politics, rather than our politics informing our faith. As Anglicans we come from across the political spectrum, and allowing room for other views.


Sometimes these areas can be challenging, as has been witnessed in numbers of areas to do with Aboriginal Affairs, Asylum Seekers, Offshore Detention Centres, Single Gender Marriage to name but a few. We need to keep talking, faith first - politics second, and being sure in our own mind that we are not simply talking but also listening.