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Taree Mothers Union

We wish to let you know a little bit about Mothers’ Union, who we are and what we do, and try to explode the myth that we’re just a bunch of old ladies who simply get together to chat and drink tea!

Mothers’ Union Australia is a mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia and part of the worldwide Mothers’ Union.

Mothers’ Union is held in such high esteem that it has representatives on the UN Consultative Council, and addresses issues across the world concerning families, such as gender inequality, violence against women, and the rights of the child. Mothers’ Union seeks to share Christ’s love by encouraging, strengthening and supporting marriage and family life, particularly those whose lives have met with adversity.

Our five Objectives are:

  To promote and support marriage and family life

 To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children

 To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service

 To promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children

 To help those whose family life has met with adversity

Membership is open to any baptised Christian supportive of Mothers’ Union’s aims and objectives. You don’t have to be a mother, or even female, to belong... men, women, widows, singles and grandparents are all involved in its ministry. There are over 4 million members worldwide in 83 countries; over 8,000 members in Australia, including around 125 men, and currently 15 members in our Taree Branch.

Mothers’ Union provides a network to serve Christ in the parish, in the community and worldwide, and we do this through prayer, financial support, and actively working in programmes that meet local needs.
Our main avenue of service in the Parish is through the Baptism of children. We give a Baptism Bear, Gospel of St. Luke and if the Baptism takes place in the 9.00am Sunday service we supply a special cake to celebrate with the parishioners at morning tea.

Our members are involved in the Café church for shut ins, Bible Study Groups, Pot Luck Dinner, Emergency Relief Service and many other activities.

We knit and assist in the making of baby booties which are distributed to new Mums at the John Hunter and the Manning Rural Referral Hospitals.

As a Diocese we have in recent years developed a close relationship with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital and we have provided significant amounts of money to help the unit purchase expensive equipment needed for the premature or sick babies. We also help to fill large Baby Bundles with donations of clothes and other necessities for newborn babies. Around 80 Bundles each year are distributed to disadvantaged new mothers through our public hospitals.

Mothers’ Union is very active in other parts of the world, particularly in Great Britain, Africa, Asia, PNG and the Pacific Islands. They run classes in such things as literacy, health and hygiene, HIV-AIDS, and parenting. In fact, in some countries of Asia, eg: Myanmar, Mothers’ Union is seen by many as a fundamental pillar of the church and community, without which the church would struggle to keep going and maintain relevance.

Here in Australia our main work is to support our sisters in places where they have the will to serve, but not the means. We do this by praying regularly for them and by sending funds to them.

In 2018 Taree Branch will celebrated its 17th Birthday. As a relatively new group we are privileged to have members who have celebrated 50 years service. We recognise and applaud the wonderful work carried out by all Mothers’ Union groups. As current Taree members we realize that while working with one another we enjoy fun, fellowship, worship and prayer and have made many friends in the Parish, the Diocese, and beyond. Precious memories of our journey together.

We meet monthly at 10.00am on the 2nd Thursday of the month in the Latham Centre at St John’s Anglican Church Taree for prayer and worship, talks, discussions, guest speakers as well as to – well, yes – chat – and drink tea!

We have a varied and interesting programme. Attendance at meetings is not obligatory for membership – we can provide resources and opportunities for service at other times.

We are proud to be part of Mothers’ Union and we would love you to be inspired and encouraged to support the vision and mission of Mothers’ Union Australia - and to join us! We need your help to carry our ministry into the future!

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