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A Christian Funeral is an opportunity to give thanks and express grief. Gratitude and grief are expressions of human loving, and it is important that Funeral Services are conducted with sensitivity and care.

Many Funeral Services are held at the Church of St John the Divine.

Following the Service, mourners may travel to the cemetery or the crematorium. Often, the committal is held in the Church, and mourners may greet one another in the Memorial Hall. Some Funeral Services are conducted at the graveside or at the local crematorium.

It is important that we plan for our funerals, and many people advise their families of their choice of hymns and scripture readings. Local funeral directors provide an important service to the community, and they liaise with the Church in making preparations for Funeral Services.

A Christian Funeral reminds us that our deepest desire is union with God, that the purpose of life is to learn to love, that we live and move in the presence of our best friend, Jesus the Good Shepherd, and that Jesus is leading us to the fullness of life in God’s kingdom.

Many people like their ashes to be immured in the Columbarium that is on the river side of the Church.

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At the centre of of the Diocesan Coat of Arms is the Crozier and Crown reminding us all of the priority of pastoral care.
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The shark, emblem of the Biripi People, traditional residents here, reminds us of the importance of the sea for all life.