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The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is Jesus’ loving act of uniting a man and a woman in a relationship of love and service. The Church of St John the Divine is one of the most beautiful sacred places in Australia, and weddings at the ‘Blue Cross Church’ are memorable occasions.

The symbol of Christian marriage is the holding of hands. After the bride and bridegroom have exchanged solemn vows, the priest places a hand on their joined hands. This reminds them that in Christian marriage there are three parties; the man, the woman and our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Couples are asked to contact the Church at least six months before the planned event. This gives time to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage, a requirement of the Commonwealth of Australia, and to participate in a marriage preparation course. Marriage preparation is designed to affirm the strengths that a couple have in a relationship and to highlight areas for growth. Most couples enjoy the time of preparation and planning. There is always a rehearsal before the Wedding Service, and this helps couples to feel at ease on the wedding day.

Normally, Wedding Service last for about three quarters of an hour.

Although we use a set order of service, couples are permitted to choose styles of music and dress. Many choose a traditional style, and the Church organ is a magnificent musical instrument.

It is good if a wedding is a beautiful and happy occasion. Couples do not need to spend large sums of money, but they spend time to prepare for a life time commitment.

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At the centre of of the Diocesan Coat of Arms is the Crozier and Crown reminding us all of the priority of pastoral care.
Biripi Shark
The shark, emblem of the Biripi People, traditional residents here, reminds us of the importance of the sea for all life.