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Biripi People

Biripi Shark

The Biripi Nation

We recognize and honour the Biripi Nation, the ancient people who have walked about in this place.

At St John's Taree we are proud of our association with the Biripi and are privileged to minister with and to them.

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The Biripi Nation is situated in the Mid North Coast area, and covers from Camdem Haven in the North, to Tuncurry in the South, and westward to Gloucester and Nowendoc. The Nation's centre would cover the Greater Taree area. Biripi people travelled around their country according to the seasons and the availability of their food sources.

With a significant amount of coastal land, the Biripi people recognise the Shark as their totem.

Aboriginal Culture

Indigenous Australians have been understanding and living on this land we call Australia for more than 40,000 years. The oldest and longest continuing Culture known to human beings. Where other civilisations have been and gone Aboriginal Culture is  still here, and offers knowledge and skills from those ancient times for us in today's society. Having survived from the times of mega fauna and great land mass change they have learned and gained the living skills within the natural environment and still are here today. The Biripi are the Ancient people of this place, who listen to the land and the ancient spirits, and this land is etched deep within Biripi hearts.

We have much to learn from each other.

The natural outcome of learning & understanding between people is friendship and reconciliation.

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At the centre of of the Diocesan Coat of Arms is the Crozier and Crown reminding us all of the priority of pastoral care.
Biripi Shark
The shark, emblem of the Biripi People, traditional residents here, reminds us of the importance of the sea for all life.