serving God and the people of Taree, Chatham, Cundletown, and Old Bar

Welcome to Taree Anglican

We are all pilgrims on the journey of life. We welcome all who come this way. May we all experience hope, comfort and peace. 

At Taree Anglican we  gather each Sunday, and at other times through the week. We come to pray, to worship God, and to break the bread of life. We reflect on God's love for us all. We believe this makes a difference in our lives. We trust this difference helps us make a positive contribution in our community.

The clergy of Taree Anglican Parish are listed on the Ministry Teams Page. We welcome those who come for Baptism, Marriage and Funerals. We welcome all who join in Worship, or any of the activities in our Parish life.

Holy Eucharist Normal Week

St John the Divine, Taree



8.00 am.
10.00 am.

St Mark's, Chatham



10.00 am.

Our Lady of Fatima, Old Bar



 10.00 am.

Bishop Tyrrell Place, Cundletown


10.00 am

Blue Cross

Taree Anglican Blue CrossTaree Anglican operates the Anglican Blue Cross Shop and the Anglican Blue Cross Emergency Relief Centre. The Samaritans Foundation is the social caring agency of the Anglican Church.

Samaritans  Sponsor
  • Four group homes for people living with disabilities ‘Asset’ programme for young people living with disabilities and the Youth Crisis centre.
  • Storm Retirement Village and Bishop Tyrrell Place are the aged care facilities of the Church.
  • Manning Valley Anglican College is a school from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Taree Anglican is proud of the Blue Cross venture and our association with the Samaritans Foundation.  

† In Memoriam

For those we love and see no longer especially ...

Rest Eternal Grant to them O Lord.
And let light light perpetual shine upon them.

The invisible third party


Every time I am given this unexpected awareness towards some other creature and feel this current of communication between us, I am touched and activated by something that comes from the fiery heart of divine love…The Holy Spirit is the invisible third party who stands between me and the other, making us mutually aware.

John V Taylor – The Go Between God

Taree Anglican

There are three churches in the Parish where the Anglican community gather.

  • The Taree Parish Church of Saint John the Divine.
  • The Chatham Church of Saint Mark the Evangelist.
  • The Old Bar Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Parish Church will be open daily from 8.00 am till 5.00 pm for prayer and meditation.

Parish of Taree

St Johns Taree

St Johns Taree

Fr Peter Tinney

294 Victoria Street,
Taree NSW 2430

Rectory Phone: 02 6552 1310

Office Phone: 02 6551 3849

Taree Anglican
At the centre of of the Diocesan Coat of Arms is the Crozier and Crown reminding us all of the priority of pastoral care.
Biripi Shark
The shark, emblem of the Biripi People, traditional residents here, reminds us of the importance of the sea for all life.